[New Invention] Fully Environmental Trailer System Built for Pressure Washing

Hi my name is John Davidson with Power Wash Industries I’m saying hi today and introducing some of our top line equipment we have on the market right now to help our environment. What you’re looking at here is a fully compliant environmental pressure washing trailer. I’m going to go through it real quickly, and show you what it looks likes.

Environmental Pressure Washing in Sugar Land Texas

Just real fast this trailer has a couple of options here. The pumping machine involved in the picture has a twenty-four horsepower plants that drive pressure washer. Right behind it is a thirteen horse cold water flush unit. What this trailer is it can pressure wash and vacuum in the water so that it can’t go down the drain. Now, if you read the clean water act or looked at the clean water act, you know that nothing could technically go down the drain.

We had people go down the most wanted list because they had chemicals go down the drain and are now in jail. This trailer is a solution to that problem. A lot of companies like Wal-Mart are leading the way with them requiring a system that’s much like this to be utilized in cleaning their stores. Some of the bigger and larger contracts require that you be able to vacuum up the water that you use so that it doesn’t go down the drain. Having anything go down the drain is in direct violation of the clean water act.

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Let me show you a couple of more shots of this trailer. This side shot has the side of twenty-four house unit, and then here is an excellent water treatment system. Here is a 325 gallon water tank with two guns. It has a cold water gun and a hot water gun. The system right here is what we call our vacuum dorm that will give you suction and allow you to be able to vacuum up your water. That has a nine horse motor. A lot of people have used an electric system, and the electric system is just not as strong as a nine horse motor. This motor will suck up all the water from the ground.

This will require you to have a generator because of the pumping action that is involved. There’s also another location where we will be pumping water. With that being said, you can now understand the pathway in which the water will come off the ground.

Water will come up off the ground whether through a burn or a surface cleaner that is designed to have the suction on there, and then what it does is it comes up through a chamber here, and discharges to the water treatment system.

The water treatment system goes through a twelve chamber cleaning, and then it discharges back out through the pump and to the water back into the tank that you can now use again and scrubs the water. The best part is that it goes through all the filters, and the water gets cleansed.

We have a couple of other systems that are out there, and we can show you that we are putting these out on the market. Here’s another shot of one from a gentleman in Iowa. Obviously, his business name is Green Earth Recover & Cleanup, Inc. His target market is the bigger stores because of the design of his truck.
Here’s what another system looks like when you’re scrubbing and vacuuming up the water and all the different things that are on the ground comes back up. Again, you can see how the pump takes everything back up to the main pump after it’s all clean. Best part this is fully environmentally compliant and is a great piece of equipment to be used up there.

This is designed for people that want to help bigger stores clean up. This phenomenal piece of equipment retails at around $3,000 and for the amount of safety, compliance, and big jobs you can do with this machinery it is well worth the investment.

Please let us know in the comments below what your thoughts are on this power washing machine, and be sure to share this with your fellow power washing entrepreneurs to help spread the message! J

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Mars had enough water to cover the entire planet

It is said that a journalist has a vast ocean of knowledge straight from their finger tips, and something similar happened to Mars. 4,500 million years ago, our neighbor in the universe harbored enough water to cover the entire planet with an extensive but shallow sea with an average depth of only 137 meters, according to NASA announced today.

The implications are monumental. It was known that the planet had water, but not how much or for how long. “Mars was wet for about 1,500 million years, much longer than was necessary for the emergence of life on Earth,” says Geronimo Villanueva, an Argentine NASA engineer who has led the team of scientists has reconstructed the martian past .

Villanueva’s group has used the three most powerful infrared telescopes in the world, including the European Observatory in the Atacama Desert (Chile), to make “pictures” of the Martian atmosphere. Thanks to the accuracy of the devices, scientists have been able to analyze for six years the proportion of two types of water molecules: the familiar H2O and HDO version, in which a heavier variant of hydrogen, deuterium appears.

The balance between these two molecules is revealing. While the heavy version is trapped in the cycle of Martian water, the light version tends to escape into space. Noting the proportion of each of the two types present in the ice caps of the Martian poles, scientists can calculate the speed at which Mars loses water and, therefore, rewind to know how much water there was in its origins.

“Mars was wet much longer than was necessary for the emergence of life on Earth,” says Geronimo Villanueva Argentine engineer

The portrait of the planet makes 4,500 million published today in the journal Science and show that our neighbor was red but blue. The water, with a volume comparable to the terrestrial Arctic Ocean, not uniformly distributed across the planet way but focused on the sunken plains of the northern hemisphere. “It was a shallow ocean, 1.6 kilometers at most, similar to the Mediterranean Sea,” said Villanueva, born in Mendoza 36 years.

They were 20 million cubic kilometers of liquid water, the substrate of life. At the same time, in the same water and in the same corner of the universe, life on Earth arose, at least 3,500 million years ago, when accidentally a molecule that was able to make copies of itself was formed. The hypothesis of the scientific community is that the same thing could happen Mars. Now, thanks to Villanueva, we know that the Martian soup in which life could appear lasted between 1,000 and 1,500 million years. On Earth took only 800 million.

Argentine data show that Mars has lost 87% of the water from their primitive oceans. The remaining 13% was frozen on the south and north poles. But the new maps of the Martian atmosphere developed by NASA suggest another exciting possibility. Reveal the existence of microclimates, with different proportions of the two types of water, even though the planet is mostly deserted. “They are very striking variations, which may mean there is water reservoirs beneath the surface of Mars,” said Villanueva.

The engineer recalls that the European ExoMars mission plans to land on Mars in 2018, with a drill two meters. If confirmed the existence of groundwater, facilitate sending astronauts to Mars. Water is not only for drinking, but with the right technology can be used to obtain hydrogen as fuel ship back or to power a colony of humans.