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2-27-09 Podcast

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

2-27-09 FRI–5:06 PM MT– A conversation a conversation on the built environment and place making with Deborah Burke, a restrained yet extraordinary architect, designer, teacher and Fellow of the American Institute of Architects. 5:30– Jim Hightower. 5:35– Scott Long, Director, LGBT Rights Program, Human Rights Watch on the State Dept Report on International Human Rights Abuses. 5:45– How to lighten up and go with the flow in the face of the overly sensitive Drama Queen in our lives, with Debora Mandel.

2-26-09 Podcast

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

2-26-09 Thr– 5:06 PM MT– We explore how to transform your relationship with money. Best selling author Vicki Robin with Your Money or Your Life. 5:30– Jim Hightower. 5:35– Listener calls and opinions on The State of Our Union. 5:45– Guy Finley with the Essential Laws of Fearless Living

2-25-09 Podcast

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

2-25-09 Wed– 5:06 PM MT– A conversation with environmental journalist John Feeney on over population and climate change. 5:25– Jim Hightower. 5:30– Congressman Ben Ray Lujan on his testimony before the Select Committee on Energy Independence & Global Warming. 5:40– A DiegoRadio Commentary: Between the Lines. 5:45– Local author Patricia Flasch on Becoming a Love Dog.

2-24-09 Podcast

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

2-24-09 Tue– 5:06 PM MT– A Sustainable Tuesday conversation with Jodi Lee from Homewise & Rebecca Sobel from WildEarth Guradians on the Solar Santa Fe program. 5:25– Jim Hightower. 5:30– Water harvester Brad Lancaster. 5:35Green Builders Danny Buck & Bob Krieger 5:48– Rusty Schmit, Founder & President of Advent Solar.

2-23-09 Podcast

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

2-23-09 Mon– 5:06 PM MT– a conversation with Paul Tough on a bold approach to ending poverty with Whatever It Takes 5:30– Jim Hightower. 5:35– Monique Anair, head of the Film Program at SFCC and fomrer student Stu Goswick on the film industry, jobs and New Mexico’s economy 5:45– John Taylor Gatto takes us on a school-teacher’s journey thru the dark world of compulsory education to the alternative: Open Source Learning.